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FAQ on Condom --- Female Condom

What it is

The female condom is made from soft polyurethane and is put inside the vagina. It is held in place by a ring at either end.

How it works

The female condom lines the vagina and stops sperm getting into it. There will be instructions with the packet which should be read carefully before using female condoms for the first time.


Protects against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as pregnancy.

No side effects.

Only need to use it when you have sex.


Putting it in can interrupt sex.

Can slip if not used properly.

Not always available at family planning clinics and expensive to buy.

How effective is it?

If it is used properly the female condom is 95% effective, which means that 5 in every 100 women who use female condoms will get pregnant each year.

What makes it less effective?
If it slips or gets pushed out of place.

If it is not put in properly.

Can anyone use this method?

Female condoms are suitable for most women. As they are made from polyurethane, they do not usually cause allergies.

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